CHIEF DANIEL J. DUGGER

Chief Buddy Dugger has served the city and community for over 34 years in public safety. In 1977 as a volunteer
 firefighter and police officer, working his way up to the rank of Fire Chief and Lieutenant of patrol in the Sheriff’s Office, then in 1992 becoming the first full time Fire Chief and Director of Public Safety.


Asst. Chief Scott Crews has served the public for over 23 years as a volunteer firefighter, Prevention Division Chief working his way up to Asst. Chief.  The duties of the Asst. Chief include yearly inspections of government, education, day care, and commercial structures.  Chief Crews develops pre-fire incident plans and reviews commercial plans for compliance with life safety and fire codes. Chief Crews handles public fire safety programs and education. He is responsible for fire cause investigations, emergency management functions, assisting in staffing of the city’s emergency operation center and control room during a major incident or disaster.